Friday, July 1, 2011

Henley Friday: Ready for Our First Race!

We are getting ready to head back down to the course in a bit and prep for our first race! We are lining up against Nottingham R.C. in the first race of the Princess Grace Challenge Cup at 11:40 here (that's 6:40am Eastern).

Training this week has been a bit of an adventure, but it's been really exciting to get to train and prepare for racing on this historic course along with the rest of our team and our international competitors. I think I've earned my bow seat stripes with steering during the lunch breaks the past two days. The lunch break rows consist of dozens and dozens of crews launching and heading down for a lap or two, exactly at the same time as nearly every pleasure boat unmooring and heading back up the course. Since the practice lanes are often only wide enough for one boat, it makes for some very exciting steering and very quick stops.

At one point, mid-power strokes, I happened to look over towards the course--we were right against the wooden booms--and saw a motorboat just off our oars, cutting across the course and heading directly at our boat. An extremely quick hold, a lot of yelling, and somehow both boats emerged which point I realized it was an umpire launch!

Anyhow, we're excited to finally be racing and to open up the throttle and go! The best source for live results  are the @henleyregatta Twitter feed, and there is a live race radio broadcast at


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