Sunday, July 22, 2012

Team USA Rowing at Dorney Lake

The race course, looking fast and almost ready!

Wow...the past five days have really flown by. We're pretty settled in now to the Olympic Rowing Village, and the other countries have just started to arrive (for a while, it was just us, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, and a few others!) We're also into our normal training routine at Dorney Lake in Eton, which is the same fast course I remember from the World Championships in 2006!

Some things are slightly different, though, like the...interesting Olympic mascots at the 1,000m mark wearing GB unisuits!

We're still not sure what Wenlock is supposed to represent...

But once we're on the water, it's just our normal training and racing and getting ready to have the best races of our lives! Taylor, my lovely pair partner, shows off the view from my seat!

The view from my office!

Between practices, we've been grabbing meals at the course, which has great food and beautiful views of the finish line of the racing!

Yummy refueling at the course between sessions.

The Village also has a great training room for both us and the Olympic kayakers and canoeists, who will be racing the week after us. The pair and I got in some off-the-water training after getting to watch the awesome racing on the last day of the Tour de France!

Erging with the Sara(h)s and some of the Aussie men at the Village gym!

That's all for now from us getting ready to race. We're dialed in on our race preparations and practicing, which doesn't make for the most exciting blog posts, but which does make for all of us getting to the line knowing how prepared and focused we are on the work we've come here to do.

Team USA is almost all here now--the men's four and quad will be here tomorrow--and it is really exciting to be here, all together, getting ready to represent our country for the big one! Can't wait. Go USA!


Anonymous said...


Wenlock is named after the small town of Much Wenlock in Shropshire (in England). Since 1850, they have held their own 'Olympian Games' inspired by the ancient Greek Olympics (and they still do).

Pierre de Coubertin visited Much Wenlock and was inspired by his visit to th Wenlock Olympian Games to found the modern Olympic games (with William Penny Brookes from Much Wenlock.

This is why the Olympic mascot is called Wenlock. So you are competing in the country which inspired the Modern Olympics (not to mention the only country to have hosted then three times).

Have a fantastic time here in England.

Joanvb said...

Hi Esther,

I'm enjoying your inside news and great photos. Looking forward to more.

Joan VB

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks for the photos and updates. We're all looking forward to the upcoming races and wish the whole team the best of luck.

FYI, the US has hosted the olympics 8 times--4 summer and 4 winter games.