Thursday, April 28, 2011

6K ESSENtials Playlist

While most everyone who races and reads this blog is in the midst of 2K racing, we're prepping for 2K racing and taking our final 6K of the season on Saturday. I also found out Monday that I will be racing in a quad at the Huegel Regatta in Essen, Germany, on the first weekend in May. I'll be bringing my camera, of course, and documenting our travels, adventures, and racing there, so stay tuned! The USA will be bringing two quads--as of right now, my lovely boatmates are Sarah Zelenka, Jen Kaido, and Sara Hendershot, and we will be accompanied by Mara Allen, Desiree Burns, Ashley Kroll, and Adrienne Martelli. Some newbie scullers, but also an Olympic sculler and some U23 and Senior team medallists. It should be good racing experience for all of us!

So, lots of hangin' and bangin' in the near future...this calls for a new playlist! Special thanks to Elle Logan, Catherine Starr, and occasional bike buddies Kady Glessner and Ellen Tomek for their contributions and inspiration.

You know the drill...repost on Facebook or retweet before the end of the week to win a copy of the playlist!

6K ESSENtials -- April 2011 Playlist

3. Everlasting Light - The Black Keys **Check out Megan Kalmoe's awesome camp video featuring this song here!
13. Hick Chick (Dance Mix) - Cowboy Troy **Check out Sarah Trowbridge's amazing camp video featuring this song here!

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