Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello from Chula Vista!

Hello, world!

I've revived this blog, which I've kept on and off since 2007, in the hopes of 1) more regularly publishing content and 2) not needing to start a new blog for each USRowing-linked event! This year's two blogs can be found at the following links:

2010 Lucerne World Cup

2010 World Rowing Championships

We're coming into the final few days of our week-long camp at ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA (near San Diego). The camp has been great so far--nice weather and good conditions have allowed us to get in a bunch of training. I'll try to post more pictures before we head out on Sunday, but for now, enjoy a brief panorama of the weight room/cross-training tent. It's really neat to get to work out here in part because we get to train alongside athletes from other sports. This morning, I was in there with athletes from track and field, weightlifting, boxing, and BMX. Cool!!!

That's all for now from San Diego...

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