Saturday, November 3, 2007

Workout Log

Based on a few requests and because it will be helpful for me to keep track of things this way too, I've decided to start keeping track of my workouts online. I'll be doing my best to keep things updated and accurate.

My workout log can be found at:

Keep in mind that these are only basic parameters and a general outline of my current training plan. If you are a collegiate rower looking for workouts to add on, I would recommend 20-50 minute pieces on the erg or water, keeping your heartrate under 145 and trying to stay continuously active. Running for similar amounts of time with HR under 155 is also beneficial.

On some days additional workouts can be done, such as yoga, running, or additional low heartrate work. Weight training also falls into this category. Some extra squats, leg presses, pullups, bench pulls, cleans, etc. can be beneficial to training. It's helpful to figure out what you feel you need to work on (endurance or power) in doing additional weights: for the former, lower weight but higher reps (15-40) is the general scheme, whereas for the latter, higher weight that increases through the sets and lower reps (5-12) is used. In both areas, it's VERY important to listen to your body and make sure that good form is being maintained. In general, you should try to make the recovery or reset phase of the lift itself take 2-3 times as long as the "drive" phase of the lift--the time when you "fire" the muscle group that is being used. Thus, if it takes you one second to drive a bench press up, you should spend three seconds lowering the bar back down to your sternum. This mirrors the rowing stroke but more importantly it gives the partnering muscle groups a workout too--so during leg press, you're working out both your quads and your hamstrings/glutes, etc.

Happy training!

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Tesha said...

You should update your workout log! As a collegiate rower, I would love to see the intensity of your workouts.