Thursday, August 9, 2007

Preparations for Munich

Since returning victorious from Scotland on July 30th, three of us from the U-23 4x (and dynamo Elle Logan from the bronze-medalling U-23 8+) have been training with the senior national team in Princeton. The focus has largely been technical, although there is still a huge emphasis on fitness, with multiple days thus far of over 40K in small boats. I have been rowing for the past week primarily in the 8+ and 2- as a spare, as Anna Mickelson, the woman I'm filling in for, can't practice in both boats at the same time, although she will be racing in both in Munich.

It has been and continues to be an amazing experience. Megan Cooke, who is Anna's partner in the pair, is an incredible coach as well as a phenomenal rower, and I learn so much every day I am out there training with her. Rowing in the 8 is also really amazing, both because of the technical finesse and the sheer power. The highest rating we've been at when I've been in there was a 32 for a 5-to-build and a 10, and although I was pulling the absolute hardest I could, I felt like I could barely keep up with the strength the other 7 women were translating into the drive.

All of us who returned to Princeton were disappointed that we were unable to try out for the senior boats, but it has been phenomenal so far to practice with them and be training with the squad. We're excited to continue as part of the team this fall and hopefully beyond--there are so many amazing athletes here, and it's so motivating to try and push ourselves to become one of them.

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