Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Night (Racing) Fever

One of perhaps the least enjoyable things about the spring racing season is just how sorry the social scene gets for rowers. Sure, there's nothing in the medical literature that says going out on saturday night and having a couple of beers will affect your racing abilities the following Saturday morning. And yet, if you are focused on your team's performance, on trying to hold your seat in the boat, on anything having to do with winning--you find that you suddenly have a diminished desire to go out and live it up. Exciting Saturday nights include checking out the day's results on, looking at entries for the next NSR, maybe some gossip time with rowers at other schools to hear how the day went and secretly trying to evaluate what you hear as being indicative of how your team ranks against theirs. It's a far cry from a fall filled with Solo cups and poor life decisions, but year and again this is where spring season finds us...

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